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Major Spoilers: Season 6 New Set Pic

Update: 9th September Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming.

Update: 21:20 One of the guys at the airport set has told us that this is NOT a Flashback or dream sequence.

Update: 20:50 Here is a little bit more from Ryan in Hawaii.

Indeed, expected on the set were Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid). But the first hardworking actor sighted was none other than Daniel Roebuck, who played the hapless (and previously detonated) Dr. Leslie Arzt.

Update: 20:35 Here is another set report that we’ve just received from our on set stalker “Over the EJ”

Looks like things pick up immediately after Juliet hits the bomb because the construction site looks like the Swan after it got sucked in. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Jin were there. Saw Sawyer upset over Juliet’s actions and runs toward the hole which is now stuffed with all the metal from the site. Also saw them and some stunt doubles clumb out of the hole using vines/rope.

Didn’t see them filming, but saw Hurley and Sayid around set. Sayid’s Dharma uniform was covered in a lot of blood so it looks like he’s still hurt from last season.

Very cool to see 🙂

Source: Over the EJ @ DarkUFO

Update: 20:31 Thanks to Glen for the heads up on this other photo from bathala who is also on the set.

 Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming MAJOR SPOILERS: Season 6 New Set Pic

Last week we received a tip on a potential location for filming and our source asked us to keep it quite, but it seems like it is no longer a secret.

DocArzt it seems via Ryan in Hawaii or perhaps being in Hawaii himself has grabbed a pic of some of the cast members chairs in an airport baggage claim.

Yup, the LOST Cast and crew are setting up shop at Honolulu Airport to film some airport scenes and so it does seem like we will get the potential reset or Alternate Timeline story of the Losties arriving LAX!!

As you can see at least Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly if not more will be on set.

Here is the pic and we hope to have more details from the set later today and the rest of the week stay tuned!

Whoever took the pic. Thanks!

 Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming MAJOR SPOILERS: Season 6 New Set Pic

Source: DocArzt

Posted By: The ODI

Filming Update And New Set Pics Of Airport Scenes

Hey All,
As you all know by now earlier this week the LOST cast and crew were busy filming scenes at the Honolulu Intl Airport, which was setup as LAX (Los Angeles Intl).

Well today we have a few more tidbits for all of you from fans that got a glimpse of filming and were able to grab some pics.

Thanks to Annie for the heads up about some Twitter updates from fans and to both The ODI

New Set Photos Reveal Construction Of Big Set

Hey All,
We were just sent these new set photos and I can’t help but think these are the first images of perhaps another Bandar Ceme Online entrance to the temple!?

However, if you look closer it seems like the wall constructed is actually the back of the set as you can see some ancient looking walls on the top of the other side.

What do you all think!?

Check it out!

Thanks to Wayfinder

(Click to Enlarge)