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Set Construction Report

Update: 19:40 Our good friend The ODI has managed to snag a few photos from this set.

site here.

Thanks to one of my contacts, “The Man in Black Buttons”, on the island who ran into a friend of his who works on local set productions. I’ve since confirmed this report with other contacts on the island that this was indeed for Lost.

“Hey, recently had to work a gig at [removed]. Nearby, they were constructing sets for local productions. They were working on what looked like a giant Egyptian temple with a big staircase. Looked very cool. Talked to some of the guys and they said they couldn’t tell me what it was for, but when I asked about Lost, they glanced around and smiled. Awesome guys, very cool, so don’t want to say too much more, but this set looks like it’s going to be a big piece in the new season.”

Source: The Man in Black Buttons@DarkUFO

Lost Filming Locations

Thanks to Annie for the following updates from around the Island. No real spoilers but gives you an idea where they are filming. Hopefully we’ll have some pics of these shoot later on.

@jocelyn808 I heard Lilly Evangeline was there and Matthew Fox was there earlier during morning time. We were talking more to the crew.less than a minute ago from TwitterBerry

they’re filming LOST at St Francis West!? OMG WHY DID I LEAVE EWA BEACH YESTERDAY!?

LOST filming on campus at St francis 🙂

The filming crew is all over this place. I wanna be an extra! Haha!

The LOST crew just gave us free food…told us “to help ourselves.” If only I knew, I wouldn’t have bothered bringing din-din.