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Some Season 6 Snippets

Update: 9th Sept Thanks to DarkUFO reader foreverlost who was also at the event for these addition notes.

1. started with an awesome clip show starting with the lost season 6 promo (Locke in center, back to us with his head turned around) and continuing on Menang Ceme with important scenes from season 5, played to knights of cydonia
2. This season’s motto could be “All killer, no filler.” The pedal is through the floor, and this selesai season is gonna be amazingly kick-ass
3. There isn’t much sex because they can’t fit enough in a 45 minutes episode. That, and doing it while having flaming arrows shot at you can be hard.
4. Jack has always been a tortured soul, and will be into the selesai season
5. “Daniel [Dae Kim] doesn’t take off his shirt enough… my god, did I just say that?” – Carlton
6. We saw the three clips: Oceanic, Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s commercial, and Kate’s appearance on America’s Most Wanted (killing her stepdad’s assistant, Ryan Milner)
7. “Did everything reset?”-esque questions are what we should be asking. Like we haven’t been for 4 months.
8. Master plan? Like somebody else said, more like a roadmap… but yes, they knew where things would lead.
9. Eko would have been another spiritual force on the island, and his plot would have focused around him discovering his spirituality
10. When talking about mapping out the time travel, they mentioned the “finding of the compass” occuring in 1902.
11. “… that’s the case with flashbacks, flashforwards, or whatever’s in season six…”
12. 3 favorite clips described above. the “fast boat” referenced earlier is the raft from season 1 which was so well-built one of the fastest boats had trouble keeping up with it
13. No surprise thing planned for after season 6, unless disney picks up the franchise sometime later
14. Spirituality will play a large part
15. ethan, cindy, and the children may show up
16. again, there are some things better not knowing, but we will get answers to many things. “There will be a balance of answers and acceptable mystery.” – Carlton
17. Last shot of the series is known.
18. LIBBY QUESTION IS THE FINAL QUESTION. Jesus, I would’ve strangled him with my mind if it was possible.

Thanks to Heather for the heads up on this report from Seattle’s music and arts ekspo Bumbershoot.

As executive producer Carlton Cuse explained, sometimes not knowing the whole story is more interesting and more fulfilling than knowing, and he wisely offered Star Wars’ midi-chlorians as an example. What gives mysteries their power is, well, how mysterious they are, and taking that away can take away the fun. So not everything on Lost will be made clear, but Cuse (along with executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) said that the creative team does have a road map of what they think must be explained. My question is, are the things I desperately need explained the things that the writers want to explain? I damn well hope so.

* Many faces from past seasons will appear in season six, including Charlie and possible Cindy (the flight attendant).
* While it normally takes the Lost writing team two weeks to plan an episode, “The Constant” took five. “Time travel is hard. It’s a lot of math!” —Kitsis.
* The boat sailed so well, its chase boat couldn’t keep up with it.
* Season six will have a fairly significant spiritual bent.
* The selesai shot of the show is already planned.
* While the producers have no personal plans for future incarnations of Lost, Cuse pointed out that it’s a powerful franchise and Disney would be foolish not to capitalize on that. So I think we can expect more Lost of some stripe in the future (or the past, because there’s often time travel involved.)
* Taking up that topic, Kitsis proclaimed that there really, really should be a Saturday morning cartoon show called Locke and the Monster in which Locke and the Smoke Monster teach kids lessons and build things. Coming this fall.

Source: Popdistillery

Set Report From Extra

Thanks to one of our guys in the know, “Chinese Chicken” who has provided this brief but spoilery set report. This pretty much confirms a lot of what we’ve been hearing up to now.

Hey mate, got a Bandar Ceme friend who was lucky enough to play an extra for some recent Lost filming. My friend for obvious reasons couldn’t say anything direct, but I can pass some onto you and your site. My mate was on an inflight airplane set!. Buddy has never seen the show before, so tried to get as much as I could based on descriptions (and my guesses).

The plane resembles flight 815 and get this mate, on it were Jack, Kate (in cuffs) and with some guy (the marshall? unconfirmed), Sayid, flight attendant lady (Cindy? I think he means), and CHARLIE!!!! Could have been more but that’s all my friend could describe. Everyone was in precrash clothing!. Can’t say what happened except it looks like Charlie has accident (overdoses?) in the loo. Reset? Alt-Timeline who knows LOL!

Source: Chinese Chicken@DarkUFO