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Katey Sagal Returns

Thanks to Marisa for the heads up that it appears that Katey Sagal (Helen) will also be returning for season 6.

Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal hasn’t been seen on Lost since 2006, although last season it seemed her character had passed away when John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) was seen paying a visit to the grave of his supposed late girlfriend, Helen Norwood. Well, Katey has just won herself a
return trip to Hawaii to reprise the role — an opportunity Katey told me in July she was hoping for. Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse exclusively confirmed the news to me at the Sept. 13 Malibu Triathlon fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Cuse, who biked in the event that raised over $1 million, spied another former cast member, Julie Bowen, among the other competitors and told me he’d also like to find a way to bring her back as Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah, in the upcoming jawaban season. This came as exciting news to Julie. “Do it, Carlton!,” screamed the actress. “What’s stopping you?”

Now a series regular on the new ABC sitcom Modern Family, Bowen has already plotted out a return scenario in her head. “The last time you saw Sarah, she was pregnant with another man’s child,” she says. “But I would pitch that it was actually Jack’s baby and Jack’s found out and it’s somehow important to whatever is happening on the island.”

(By the way, I heard that what’s happening in season six is even more whacked-out than last season’s time jumping plot.)

Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder has already shot his return scene as Boone. Yay! The only former cast member Carlton wouldn’t discuss? Harold Parrineau. “I cannot yet confirm or deny whether he will be back on the show this year.”

Aw c’mon, Carlton. We know he will.

How do you feel about this latest round of returns? And who else do you hope to see before the series signs off in May 2010?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Ian Sommerhalder On The Way To Hawaii Today

As expected former LOST cast member Ian Sommerhalder (Boone) is returning to Hawaii today for a one day filming shoot!

So fans he is in the air but according to the article he will only be there for 24 hours. So if you are in Hawaii keep your eyes open!

Could this be a part of the previous Flight 815 reports!?

Sommerhalder confirmed that he is scheduled to be a part of “several” episodes.

Full article: EW

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