Season 6 Filming Update – Latest Snippets

Hey All,
I know many of you are curious what is happening with the current filming for Season 6 and of course with security at an extra high level unfortunately it has been difficult to get any details.

As posted with earlier reports, it seems like the cast and crew are working deep in the jungle and it has been tough for fans to get close enough for any sort of glimpse of the set. However, we have received a few tidbits from various sources.

Here you go:

1) Set apparently being used is a big ditch with some sort of “hatch”
2) “Shiny” new Dharma van was spotted close by
3) Several of the cast from the potential hatch explosion scenes have been spotted around

My guess is that it really seems we will get a continuation of what happened at the Swan Hatch during the 77 timeline, but who knows. It could be anything? Especially when or where??

So what do you all think?

NOTE: We hope to have some more details and perhaps some pictures soon, so keep checking back for updates.

Source: The ODI