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Younger Eloise Hawking To Return?

 but wanted to post it here on the spoilers page just in case Younger Eloise Hawking to Return?Not sure if this is a really a spoiler, but wanted to post it here on the spoilers page just in case. The actress who plays Younger Eloise (Alice Evans) had a baby and in the article reporting the news it says has a recurring role not “had”.

Thanks to Louisa for the heads up and congratulations to Evans!!

Here is the little snippet:

Alice has a recurring role in Lost as the younger version of Eloise Hawking.

Read more: Daily Mail
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Season 6 – More Filming Updates And Fan Sightings

Hey All,
Here are some more tidbits and filming spoilers for Season 6 from various sources and fans sightings!

1) Today we received a tip that the cast and crew busy filming some airplane scenes at Diamond Head Studios

Thanks once again to Annie for the heads up for the following details posted in the The ODI

A Few More Tidbits On Latest Filming

# Inside the terminal, Kate (Evangeline Lilly) was in the handcuffed custody of The Marshall (Fredric Lehne). Meanwhile, Jack (Matthew Fox) emerges, passing a passport station, and appears to head for the exit… but then turns back.
# Kate, now mysteriously loose, passes and exchanges a passing “hey” with Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and heads out of the baggage claim and onto the street. She jumps the line at the taxi stand, and someone yells at her as she gets in a cab. According to a message board post, the angry guy is none other than Neil, a.k.a. “Frogurt” (Sean Whalen).
# Kate jumps into a cab, as The Marshall emerges from the building with a head injury. He runs to security guards waving a piece of paper with a picture, telling them to keep an eye out for Kate. Noticing the cab, he runs after it.

On Wednesday, my good friend Mitchell found the “LOST” production trucks off Nimitz Highway near Fisherman’s Wharf. The crew apparently returned to Pier 2 (the Foreign Trade Zone), which also served as an airport interior in the Season 5 premiere. Apart from that, the rest of the week appears to have been spent behind closed doors at the Hawaii Film Studio.

Read the full report @ Ryan’s Hawaii Blog

Season 6 Teaser Promo From D23

Hey All,
The Season 6 Teaser promo at the D23 Expo was being shown on a cycle with several of the other Comic Con clips. Unfortunately no new scenes and it is just a compilation of the previous seasons.

So no real spoilers, but some of the old cast members (Charlie, Claire and Michael) are shown in quick flashes in the clip. So to be safe posting it here in the spoilers section.

Youtube Link: The ODI

Katey Sagal Returns

Thanks to Marisa for the heads up that it appears that Katey Sagal (Helen) will also be returning for season 6.

Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal hasn’t been seen on Lost since 2006, although last season it seemed her character had passed away when John Locke (Terry O’Quinn) was seen paying a visit to the grave of his supposed late girlfriend, Helen Norwood. Well, Katey has just won herself a
return trip to Hawaii to reprise the role — an opportunity Katey told me in July she was hoping for. Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse exclusively confirmed the news to me at the Sept. 13 Malibu Triathlon fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Cuse, who biked in the event that raised over $1 million, spied another former cast member, Julie Bowen, among the other competitors and told me he’d also like to find a way to bring her back as Jack’s ex-wife, Sarah, in the upcoming jawaban season. This came as exciting news to Julie. “Do it, Carlton!,” screamed the actress. “What’s stopping you?”

Now a series regular on the new ABC sitcom Modern Family, Bowen has already plotted out a return scenario in her head. “The last time you saw Sarah, she was pregnant with another man’s child,” she says. “But I would pitch that it was actually Jack’s baby and Jack’s found out and it’s somehow important to whatever is happening on the island.”

(By the way, I heard that what’s happening in season six is even more whacked-out than last season’s time jumping plot.)

Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder has already shot his return scene as Boone. Yay! The only former cast member Carlton wouldn’t discuss? Harold Parrineau. “I cannot yet confirm or deny whether he will be back on the show this year.”

Aw c’mon, Carlton. We know he will.

How do you feel about this latest round of returns? And who else do you hope to see before the series signs off in May 2010?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Set Report From Extra

Thanks to one of our guys in the know, “Chinese Chicken” who has provided this brief but spoilery set report. This pretty much confirms a lot of what we’ve been hearing up to now.

Hey mate, got a Bandar Ceme friend who was lucky enough to play an extra for some recent Lost filming. My friend for obvious reasons couldn’t say anything direct, but I can pass some onto you and your site. My mate was on an inflight airplane set!. Buddy has never seen the show before, so tried to get as much as I could based on descriptions (and my guesses).

The plane resembles flight 815 and get this mate, on it were Jack, Kate (in cuffs) and with some guy (the marshall? unconfirmed), Sayid, flight attendant lady (Cindy? I think he means), and CHARLIE!!!! Could have been more but that’s all my friend could describe. Everyone was in precrash clothing!. Can’t say what happened except it looks like Charlie has accident (overdoses?) in the loo. Reset? Alt-Timeline who knows LOL!

Source: Chinese Chicken@DarkUFO

Ian Sommerhalder On The Way To Hawaii Today

As expected former LOST cast member Ian Sommerhalder (Boone) is returning to Hawaii today for a one day filming shoot!

So fans he is in the air but according to the article he will only be there for 24 hours. So if you are in Hawaii keep your eyes open!

Could this be a part of the previous Flight 815 reports!?

Sommerhalder confirmed that he is scheduled to be a part of “several” episodes.

Full article: EW

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Episode 6.03 – Centric Confirmed

Update: 13:00 Looks like Ausiello screwed up and this is in fact for Episode 6.03.

Want to hazard a guess at the title?

According to Ausiello from EW it seems like we will get some Kate Centric action this season in Episode 6×06. Of course, the Kate episodes always seem to be the least liked episodes among fans, so it will be interesting to see how this episode holds up against other episodes.

Here is the full post from Ausiello:

Question: Lost scoop?! —Jarrod
Ausiello: Grab your season 6 scorecards and in the box next to episode 6 write, “Kate-centric.”

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Set Construction Report

Update: 19:40 Our good friend The ODI has managed to snag a few photos from this set.

site here.

Thanks to one of my contacts, “The Man in Black Buttons”, on the island who ran into a friend of his who works on local set productions. I’ve since confirmed this report with other contacts on the island that this was indeed for Lost.

“Hey, recently had to work a gig at [removed]. Nearby, they were constructing sets for local productions. They were working on what looked like a giant Egyptian temple with a big staircase. Looked very cool. Talked to some of the guys and they said they couldn’t tell me what it was for, but when I asked about Lost, they glanced around and smiled. Awesome guys, very cool, so don’t want to say too much more, but this set looks like it’s going to be a big piece in the new season.”

Source: The Man in Black Buttons@DarkUFO