Does Mr. Friendly Know The End Of Lost?

Thanks to Jackface for the heads up on this interview with M.C Gainey. A couple of bits stood out to me.

You’re the big cuddleable teddy I guess huh?
Yeah, that’s what I’m going for nowadays; I think I am in “All About Steve.” Now I have not seen “All About Steve” because I have been busy. I’ve spent a lot of time in Hawaii working on something over there.

Yes! It was very sad to see you go, but I guess when it comes to “Lost” everyone can always come back.
Well that’s what they tell me, it’s that ultimately you’ll get to see everybody again. That would be fine with me because that’s a great cast. Some of the nicest people you could ever work with and as locations go, Hawaii is about as good as it gets.

I know you probably get asked this all the time, and I kind of have to ask it. Without giving any spoilers away, do you know what’s happening with “Lost?”
I do and I have to tell you that I was a “Lost” fan before I was on it and I wish I didn’t know. To be honest with you I wish I could go back and say wow I wonder what’s going to happen. I would never tell anybody what’s going to happen because if you’re a “Lost” fan you’re going to love it. Let’s leave it at that, you’re going to absolutely love it. Absolutely worth the time invested.

Okay good, because that was going to be my follow up question. I was going to say, do you think that the producers of “Lost” are going to be able to provide the viewers with a great ending and not a Sopranos type of ending.
No no no. I’m in the minority. I actually like the end of “The Sopranos” because I thought it was brilliant. I still have hopes that “The Sopranos” will make a feature. They left themselves open brilliantly for that, brilliantly I thought. But yes, “Lost” will be more satisfying at the end than “The Sopranos” was, but like I said I’m not sure we’ve seen the end of the “Sopranos.”

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Small Filming Update

Thanks to Marisa for the following, nothing too spoilerly.


Huuuuge filming late yesterday afternoon in the area near Heeia Kea harbor. A ton of trucks and star trailers in the lot at that maintenance yard where the remains of the plane are covered with the tarp.
Didn’t have my camera with me. Sorry.


They’ve been out there all week, mostly filming at night. Fans visiting from afar (New York and Spain!) have stopped by, even met members of the cast, but the magic is happening deep inside the jungle and security is understandably tight.

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Season 6 Filming Update – Latest Snippets

Hey All,
I know many of you are curious what is happening with the current filming for Season 6 and of course with security at an extra high level unfortunately it has been difficult to get any details.

As posted with earlier reports, it seems like the cast and crew are working deep in the jungle and it has been tough for fans to get close enough for any sort of glimpse of the set. However, we have received a few tidbits from various sources.

Here you go:

1) Set apparently being used is a big ditch with some sort of “hatch”
2) “Shiny” new Dharma van was spotted close by
3) Several of the cast from the potential hatch explosion scenes have been spotted around

My guess is that it really seems we will get a continuation of what happened at the Swan Hatch during the 77 timeline, but who knows. It could be anything? Especially when or where??

So what do you all think?

NOTE: We hope to have some more details and perhaps some pictures soon, so keep checking back for updates.

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Some Season 6 Snippets

Update: 9th Sept Thanks to DarkUFO reader foreverlost who was also at the event for these addition notes.

1. started with an awesome clip show starting with the lost season 6 promo (Locke in center, back to us with his head turned around) and continuing on Menang Ceme with important scenes from season 5, played to knights of cydonia
2. This season’s motto could be “All killer, no filler.” The pedal is through the floor, and this selesai season is gonna be amazingly kick-ass
3. There isn’t much sex because they can’t fit enough in a 45 minutes episode. That, and doing it while having flaming arrows shot at you can be hard.
4. Jack has always been a tortured soul, and will be into the selesai season
5. “Daniel [Dae Kim] doesn’t take off his shirt enough… my god, did I just say that?” – Carlton
6. We saw the three clips: Oceanic, Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s commercial, and Kate’s appearance on America’s Most Wanted (killing her stepdad’s assistant, Ryan Milner)
7. “Did everything reset?”-esque questions are what we should be asking. Like we haven’t been for 4 months.
8. Master plan? Like somebody else said, more like a roadmap… but yes, they knew where things would lead.
9. Eko would have been another spiritual force on the island, and his plot would have focused around him discovering his spirituality
10. When talking about mapping out the time travel, they mentioned the “finding of the compass” occuring in 1902.
11. “… that’s the case with flashbacks, flashforwards, or whatever’s in season six…”
12. 3 favorite clips described above. the “fast boat” referenced earlier is the raft from season 1 which was so well-built one of the fastest boats had trouble keeping up with it
13. No surprise thing planned for after season 6, unless disney picks up the franchise sometime later
14. Spirituality will play a large part
15. ethan, cindy, and the children may show up
16. again, there are some things better not knowing, but we will get answers to many things. “There will be a balance of answers and acceptable mystery.” – Carlton
17. Last shot of the series is known.
18. LIBBY QUESTION IS THE FINAL QUESTION. Jesus, I would’ve strangled him with my mind if it was possible.

Thanks to Heather for the heads up on this report from Seattle’s music and arts ekspo Bumbershoot.

As executive producer Carlton Cuse explained, sometimes not knowing the whole story is more interesting and more fulfilling than knowing, and he wisely offered Star Wars’ midi-chlorians as an example. What gives mysteries their power is, well, how mysterious they are, and taking that away can take away the fun. So not everything on Lost will be made clear, but Cuse (along with executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) said that the creative team does have a road map of what they think must be explained. My question is, are the things I desperately need explained the things that the writers want to explain? I damn well hope so.

* Many faces from past seasons will appear in season six, including Charlie and possible Cindy (the flight attendant).
* While it normally takes the Lost writing team two weeks to plan an episode, “The Constant” took five. “Time travel is hard. It’s a lot of math!” —Kitsis.
* The boat sailed so well, its chase boat couldn’t keep up with it.
* Season six will have a fairly significant spiritual bent.
* The selesai shot of the show is already planned.
* While the producers have no personal plans for future incarnations of Lost, Cuse pointed out that it’s a powerful franchise and Disney would be foolish not to capitalize on that. So I think we can expect more Lost of some stripe in the future (or the past, because there’s often time travel involved.)
* Taking up that topic, Kitsis proclaimed that there really, really should be a Saturday morning cartoon show called Locke and the Monster in which Locke and the Smoke Monster teach kids lessons and build things. Coming this fall.

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Major Spoilers: Season 6 New Set Pic

Update: 9th September Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming.

Update: 21:20 One of the guys at the airport set has told us that this is NOT a Flashback or dream sequence.

Update: 20:50 Here is a little bit more from Ryan in Hawaii.

Indeed, expected on the set were Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid). But the first hardworking actor sighted was none other than Daniel Roebuck, who played the hapless (and previously detonated) Dr. Leslie Arzt.

Update: 20:35 Here is another set report that we’ve just received from our on set stalker “Over the EJ”

Looks like things pick up immediately after Juliet hits the bomb because the construction site looks like the Swan after it got sucked in. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Jin were there. Saw Sawyer upset over Juliet’s actions and runs toward the hole which is now stuffed with all the metal from the site. Also saw them and some stunt doubles clumb out of the hole using vines/rope.

Didn’t see them filming, but saw Hurley and Sayid around set. Sayid’s Dharma uniform was covered in a lot of blood so it looks like he’s still hurt from last season.

Very cool to see 🙂

Source: Over the EJ @ DarkUFO

Update: 20:31 Thanks to Glen for the heads up on this other photo from bathala who is also on the set.

 Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming MAJOR SPOILERS: Season 6 New Set Pic

Last week we received a tip on a potential location for filming and our source asked us to keep it quite, but it seems like it is no longer a secret.

DocArzt it seems via Ryan in Hawaii or perhaps being in Hawaii himself has grabbed a pic of some of the cast members chairs in an airport baggage claim.

Yup, the LOST Cast and crew are setting up shop at Honolulu Airport to film some airport scenes and so it does seem like we will get the potential reset or Alternate Timeline story of the Losties arriving LAX!!

As you can see at least Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly if not more will be on set.

Here is the pic and we hope to have more details from the set later today and the rest of the week stay tuned!

Whoever took the pic. Thanks!

 Thanks again to bathala for these couple of new photos from the Airport filming MAJOR SPOILERS: Season 6 New Set Pic

Source: DocArzt

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Exclusive – Episode 6.04 – Casting Call

Producer: Jean Higgins
Director Tucker Gates
Shoots: 9/27 – 10/8

[TEENAGE BOY] CAUCASIAN, 12-14. Dirty blond hair. Wise beyond his years. He’s got intense, searching eyes. He’s dealt with a horrible family accident. Even at a young age, he has been put in charge of something very important, and it weighs heavily on his shoulders. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

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Filming Update And New Set Pics Of Airport Scenes

Hey All,
As you all know by now earlier this week the LOST cast and crew were busy filming scenes at the Honolulu Intl Airport, which was setup as LAX (Los Angeles Intl).

Well today we have a few more tidbits for all of you from fans that got a glimpse of filming and were able to grab some pics.

Thanks to Annie for the heads up about some Twitter updates from fans and to both The ODI